Reaching for the Sun☀️

This inspired me – here’s to releasing the light that lives within us! 🌻🙏

This morning I was cleaning my room, and I would be lying to say that it wasn’t an undertaking. Those who know me know that anytime I clean, it’s bound to look like a scene from a Disney princess movie – complete with dancing, singing, and maybe even a few animals.

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(Reblog) Please help save the cats!

Hi everyone! I recently came across Purrfect Match Cat Adoptions, a charity in NSW Australia that is under terrible distress. Cat adoptions have slowed down, funds are incredibly low and the shelter is currently faced with a dire relocation problem – it won’t be long before they have nowhere to go and the countdown is […]

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A List of Things That Make Me Happy

So I haven’t felt like writing really – I guess I place a lot of pressure on myself to write something good and instead of facing my fear and writer’s block the way I should, the way I could – it’s easier to just can up and not write at all. In fact, I’ve sort of been avoiding WordPress in order to not feel quite so guilty.

But I was listening to The Sound of Music’s “A Few of My Favorite Things” and it inspired me to write anyway, not about anything necessarily deep or important or meaningful, but just about the things that make me happy, whatever I do feel like writing. All that to say: I foresee a plethora of elementary listicles in my near future.

So here are a few of my favorite things:

  1. Soft new toothbrushes
  2. Putting tea on at night and watching the blue gas fire glow in the darkness like a will-o’-wisp
  3. Crushed ice
  4. Waking up early enough to watch the sun rise while driving
  5. Bubble wrap
  6. Stimulating conversations
  7. Tiger’s blood snow cones on sweltering summer days
  8. Jokes and movies so bad they transcend criticism
  9. Exorbitant coffee drinks (and when other people buy them for me…)
  10. Homemade hot cocoa by a crackling fire
  11. Hole-in-the-wall cafes
  12. Quiet museums
  13. Busy libraries
  14. When animals and babies prefer me over other people
  15. Not having to touch squishy bugs (eww… I’ll take a spider over a June bug any day)
  16. Clear starry nights
  17. The “Arthur” theme song
  18. Books so interesting I can barely put them down to cross the street
  19. Frolicking in pouring rain
  20. Inspiring Julie Andrews’ musicals

On Writing Again: The Purpose of This Blog

It’s been a long time since I wrote for the love of writing and I don’t know where to begin again. I’ve written for school and little else since last summer (and the writing process itself was painstaking and loathsome to me). But it would be disingenuous to pretend that school is the reason for my recent withdrawal from writing – or that this withdrawal is recent at all. The truth is that besides sentences and paragraphs here and there, I haven’t written – really written – in just shy of four years.

It’s a strange and long-standing suffocation, this estrangement, that I no longer feel except in momentary release. When I write the grip which constrains me loosens just a bit, and in its loosening I realize its presence which I have become accustomed to. I long to write again; my fingers itch for it, but starve still for air. So that’s why I’m here – to breathe again; to reignite my passion for writing, to keep myself motivated and accountable, and to share my journey with you.               

For those who relate, embark with me on this journey! We can fall in love all over again with the art and the pleasure of literature together. If you walk a different path or traverse another terrain, you’re welcome to join in the discussion as well! Tell me all about your own journeys. Perhaps they are odysseys, voyages, pilgrimages, migrations, strolls – whatever they are and in whatever they may be, I’d love to listen to your story!



Join the Fight Against Human Trafficking 

An important reblog from my soul sister and kindred spirit, ArisJade. There are more slaves now in the 21st century than there have ever been in our collective human history. If their freedom isn’t worth fighting for, then I don’t know what is.

Hey guys! As some of you may know, January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Known as the modern day slavery, human trafficking is the fastest growing organized crime present day.

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